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A Letter from Sr. Lori

06-09-2019Weekly ReflectionSr. Lori Fusak

Dear Parishioners of Corpus Christi,

Words cannot describe how wonderful my two-week home visit was. It was such a delight to be back at Corpus Christi, my home away from home. Thank you for such a warm welcome.

I had an absolutely beautiful experience being home with my family and friends, but I do look forward to returning to my new home with the Missionaries of Charity in Chicago. There is peace in my heart to continue discerning with the sisters of St. Teresa of Calcutta's order.

During my home visit, I got the chance to visit the Missionaries of Charity sisters in Phoenix who I used to volunteer with before becoming a sister. The way they greeted me included many small acts of kindness which reminded me of Mother Teresa's words, "Do small things with great love," which, in my opinion, summarizes our vow of charity. This made an impact on my heart because it was so great to see the sisters living by Mother Teresa's example. This was one of the highlights of my trip.

I will soon be preparing for my next step of formation, which is Postulancy, in Mexico City. This won't take place until January 2020, but please keep me in your prayers as I am getting ready for this next step, if it be God's will.

Some of you were wondering if I am able to receive mail. My answer is YES! Feel free to send me updates in your life or any prayer requests. Please know that I am unable to respond, but I will read whatever you send me. Here is the address:

Sr. Lori Fusak
Missionaries of Charity
2325 W 24th Place
Chicago, IL 60608

Thank you again for being a family to me. I will miss you all! I will be praying for you! Please pray for me that I do God's will. God bless you!

Sr. Lori