“We must rebuild the cathedral… We do not need to invent a new Church” Part I

07-21-2019Cardinal Sarah

(Continued from last week).

The great cathedrals of the West could have been built only by men of great faith and great humility who were profoundly happy to know that they were sons of God. They are like a song of joy, a hymn to God’s glory sculpted in stone and painted in glass. They are the work of sons who love and adore their heavenly Father! All were glad to carve into stone an expression of their faith and love for God, and not for the glory of their own name. Their art works were meant to glory and praise God alone. Modern Western man is too sad to achieve such works of art.

He has chosen to be a solitary orphan: how can he chant the glory of the eternal Father from whom he has received all? Well then, what shall he do? Before the ruins of Notre-Dame, some have been tempted to say: See, this building has served its purpose. Let us build something new, more modern. Let us build something after our own image! A building that speaks, not of God’s glory, but the glory of man, of the power of science and modernity.


Events & Announcements

St. Vincent de Paul Water Drive

Jul 7, 2019 - Aug 31, 2019

Please consider helping.

Cases of water can be left in the vestibule of the church.


A Slice of Faith

Jul 24, 2019: 6:30pm

at NATIVE Grill & Wings (Ray Rd & the I-10)

A $10 donation is suggested for unlimited pizza, wings, & salad and the tip.


Lord, Teach Me To Pray

Jul 25, 2019

For Men: Thursdays 9:15-11:00am, May 23 - Aug 15
For Women" Thursdays 7:00-9:00pm, May 23 - Aug 15


Day of Recollection

Jul 27, 2019: 8:30am

at St. Paul’s Parish: 330 W. Coral Gables, Phoenix

For info and reservations call Liz at 480-735-4994 or Dorothy at 602-944-6811.


Blood Drive

Jul 28, 2019: 7:30am - 12:30pm

in the Parish Center

Contact Gary Kwapiszeski at 480-940-1800 or visit Bloodhero.com
(Sponsor Code: corpuschristi).

JPII Classic 5th Annual Basketball Event

Aug 2, 2019: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

at Xavier College Prep

Get your Tickets at https://dphx.org/event/jpii-classic/.


The Phenomena of the Shroud of Turin

Aug 7, 2019: 6:30pm

in the Parish Center

Presented by: Dcn. Peter Auriemma from St. Bernadette Parish


Father & Son: Male Sexuality, A Key Conversation

Aug 10, 2019: 9:00am - 12:00pm

at the Diocesan Pastoral Center

Fathers are encouraged to attend this half-day seminar with their sons who are between 11-14 years old.


Sarah’s Hope and Abraham’s Promise

Aug 12, 2019: 6:30pm

at the Diocesan Pastoral Center (Room 165), 400 E Monroe St. Phoenix, AZ 85004

Support group for those trying to build a family though natural conception or adoption while struggling with fertility


The Origin of the Bible - Women's Bible Study

Aug 14, 2019: 9:00am

Wednesday Morning Sessions

No cost to attend!