Pray the Rosary Together

We have many opportunities to pray the rosary in a group setting! Please feel free to join us for any or all of these communal prayer times.

Daily – Monday through Saturday
Prior to every morning Mass, beginning at approximately 7:45, volunteers lead the Rosary prayers for the day. Please feel free to volunteer to lead a decade – laminated leader cards are available.

Sunday – Family Holy Rosary
At 4:15pm, several parishioners lead the Rosary with the intentions to strengthen our families and our faith.

Tuesday – Rosary for our youth
At 5:30pm, several parishioners lead the Rosary with the intentions to lift up the needs of our youth in prayer, offering them to God through Mary who offers her loving protection to all her children.

Thursday – Life Rosary
At 6:30pm, several parishioners lead the Rosary for the end to abortion and for the Walking with Moms in Need initiative. Pray for pregnant & parenting mothers in need, and our parish efforts to build a culture of LIFE!

Plenary Indulgence for the Holy Rosary

A plenary indulgence is granted, if the Rosary is recited in a church or public oratory or in a family group, a religious Community or pious Association:  a partial indulgence is granted in other circumstances. A plenary indulgence can be gained, once a day, by praying the Rosary, privately or in common, before the Blessed Sacrament, exposed or in the tabernacle. (This is true owing to the plenary indulgence attached to a practice of Eucharistic adoration that is at least one-half hour in length, according to the Enchiridion).

The gaining of the plenary indulgence is regulated by the following norms:

  • The recitation of a third part only of the Rosary suffices; but the five decades must be recited continuously.
  • The vocal recitation must be accompanied by pious meditation on the mysteries.
  • In public recitation the mysteries must be announced in the manner customary in the place; for private recitation, however, it suffices if the recitation is accompanied by meditation on the mysteries.

Partial indulgences

Any reverent use of a sacramental item by a member of the faithful qualifies us to receive a partial indulgence. Thus, carrying your Rosary with you mindfully and piously is an indulgenced practice, for example.

A note on indulgences in general:

The granting of a plenary indulgence presupposes that one's soul is entirely free from affection for sin. Only one each day can be gained - the sole exception being the day one dies, when another plenary indulgence can be gained at the moment of death, if we turn with love to God. As to partial indulgences, in the most recent edition of the Church's Enchiridion of Indulgences great emphasis is given to the Holy Father's decree that a partial indulgence is a "matching grant." That is, in the granting of a partial indulgence, the Church uses her "power of the keys" and opens "the treasury of the Blood" - the inexhaustible resource of the merits of Our Redeemer, as well as those of Our Lady and all the Communion of Saints, to match whatever remission of the temporal punishment due to sin results from an individual's careful, loving performance of an indulgenced work. Although in the past a certain number of days was assigned to each possible indulgence, this is no longer done.

One must keep in mind that in order to gain an indulgence one must have the intention to do so. One may not assign indulgences gained to another person still living; however, indulgences gained can be offered up for the Holy Souls in Purgatory freely.

Blessings obtained from reciting the Rosary:

  • Sinners are forgiven.
  • Souls that thirst are refreshed.
  • Those who are fettered have their bonds broken.
  • Those who weep find happiness.
  • Those who are tempted find peace.
  • The poor find help.
  • Religious are reformed.
  • Those who are ignorant are instructed.
  • Sinners learn to overcome pride.
  • The dead (the Holy Souls) have their pains eased by suffrages.

Benefits of the Rosary in our life:

  • It gradually gives us a perfect knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  • It purifies our souls, washing away sin.
  • It gives us victory over all our enemies.
  • It makes it easy for us to practice virtue.
  • It sets us on fire with love of Our Lord.
  • It enriches us with graces and merits.
  • It supplies us with what is needed to pay all our debts to God and to our fellow men;
  • and finally, it obtains all kinds of graces for us from Almighty God

The Fifteen Promises of the Virgin Mary to those who recite the Rosary

(Revealed to St. Dominic and Blessed Alan):

  1. Whoever shall faithfully serve me by the recitation of the Rosary, shall receive signal graces.
  2. I promise my special protection and the greatest graces to all those who shall recite the Rosary.
  3. The Rosary shall be a powerful armor against hell, it will destroy vice, decrease sin, and defeat heresies.
  4. It will cause virtue and good works to flourish; it will obtain for souls the abundant mercy of God; it will withdraw the hearts of people from the love of the world and its vanities and will lift them to the desire of eternal things. Oh, that souls would sanctify themselves by this means.
  5. The soul which recommends itself to me by the recitation of the Rosary, shall not perish.
  6. Whoever shall recite the Rosary devoutly, applying themselves to the consideration of its Sacred Mysteries shall never be conquered by misfortune. God will not chastise them in His justice, they shall not perish by an unprovided death; if they be just, they shall remain in the grace of God, and become worthy of eternal life.
  7. Whoever shall have a true devotion for the Rosary shall not die without the Sacraments of the Church.
  8. Those who are faithful to recite the Rosary shall have during their life and at their death the light of God and the plentitude of His graces; at the moment of death, they shall participate in the merits of the Saints in Paradise.
  9. I shall deliver from purgatory those who have been devoted to the Rosary.
  10. The faithful children of the Rosary shall merit a high degree of glory in Heaven.
  11. You shall obtain all you ask of me by the recitation of the Rosary.
  12. All those who propagate the Holy Rosary shall be aided by me in their necessities.
  13. I have obtained from my Divine Son that all the advocates of the Rosary shall have for intercessors the entire celestial court during their life and at the hour of death.
  14. All who recite the Rosary are my children, and brothers and sisters of my only Son, Jesus Christ.
  15. Devotion to my Rosary is a great sign of predestination.

"Say the Rosary every day, to obtain peace for the world."

Our Lady of Fatima, 1917