High School Youth Ministry (9 - 12)

Thank you for your interest in Corpus Christi’s High School Youth Program!

By sharing the teachings of the Catholic Church and accompanying the 9th - 12th graders on their faith journey, our youth will have the chance to grow in relationship with one another and with Jesus Christ. High School Youth Group presents the challenges and tools to live out their faith in everyday life.

Multi-Parish Retreat: November 18-20

at Emmanuel Pines Christian Camp, 3000 Spence Springs Rd, Prescott, AZ 86305

Our world is full of noise and chaos. Sometimes it can feel impossible to filter what we're experiencing and decipher what is going on around us.

This weekend, we'll be searching to find the REAL truth amidst other “truths” the world has to offer.

Cost: Earlybird Registration $200 (until Sun, Oct 23) then the cost per teen is $220


Fall 2022 Semester Themes

“Unforseen” A Countercultural Life

We have heard the story of Jesus’ birth, life, death, and Resurrection so often that we might tune out when we hear it at Mass or read it in the Bible. We might treat it like any other story we have been repeatedly exposed to, not finding it as surprising, compelling, or transformational as it really is. However, the story of Jesus is not like any other fictional story; Jesus really lived on this Earth. He claimed to be God in human form and proved it by rising from the dead — something no other person in human history has ever done. Jesus changed the world as we know it. The goal of Unforeseen is for teens to gain a general understanding of Jesus’ life so they may realize why what He did was transformational and countercultural and why His actions are still relevant today.

“The Work at Hand” The Beatitudes

To be Catholic and to follow Jesus commits us to social justice. The Beatitudes provide a practical roadmap for how we live out our calling to the Kingdom of God. Each of the Beatitudes motivates us and provides tools for us to live out Catholic social teaching. Through them, we will be challenged to hear the difficult but liberating words of Jesus and respond with compassion and justice. The Work at Hand is a four night series that inspires teens to live according to the Beatitudes in order to work towards a more just world.