High School Youth Ministry (9 - 12)

When & Where

Sundays, 6:00-8:30 PM (includes dinner) in the Parish Center.

Our Vision

2019 Spring Theme: Run to Win (1 Cor 9:24)

St. Paul says that every athlete trains, competes, and pushes themselves to win. How many of us work hard at sport, activity, or in school to succeed? St. Paul urges us to devote that same effort to our faith. He says, every athlete competes "to receive a perishable prize, but we an imperishable one." This semester we want to avoid just going through the motions. We are aiming to run so as to win. Let's take a closer look at our relationship with God. Where is my relationship right now? What's holding me back? How can I improve? Growing in relationship with God takes practice, coaching, and teamwork - just like anything else we want to succeed in. Wherever you are in your relationship with God, whether you are running, jogging, crawling, or can't move, join us. Together, let's work towards an imperishable prize.

Our youth ministry sessions include dinner, games, small group discussions, activities, talks, testimonies, and prayer. Everyone is welcome to come at any point in the semester. We welcome questions!

Join us on Sunday nights for Youth Ministry and throughout the semester for Service Opportunities, a Spring Retreat (April 12-14), and Social Opportunities. For more information on upcoming events, please email Anthony.Janus@corpuschristiphx.org.


Please register for our youth programs and join us! You are welcome to come even if you have not completed registration, but please do register! Use the links to our Registration Forms under the Resources tab on this page.