High School Youth Ministry (9 - 12)

Thank you for your interest in Corpus Christi’s High School Youth Program!

By sharing the teachings of the Catholic Church and accompanying the 9th - 12th graders on their faith journey, our youth will have the chance to grow in relationship with one another and with Jesus Christ. High School Youth Group presents the challenges and tools to live out their faith in everyday life.

Spring 2023 Semester Themes


Saint Thomas Aquinas names four primary categories people often use as substitutes for God: wealth, power, pleasure, and status. These four areas are alluring and promise safety and security but are waiting to devour us if we trust them too much. Unfortunately, when relying on these “goods” to comfort us, we forget where we should truly place our trust and create substitutes for God rather than trusting Him. Throughout this series, we will take a closer look at each of these substitutes and how they can adversely affect our relationship with the Father if we are not careful about how we view and use them.


When we speak about suffering we are talking about any experience of pain, distress, or hardship and we are often talking about really big problems. Yes, we suffer when we hit our toes on the living room couch when we are walking in the dark, but we know that there are some forms of pain that last much longer and run much deeper. Every person has experienced suffering in their life to some degree. Some people turn away from God, religion, or faith altogether as a result of it, but some people use the experience of suffering to draw closer to God.

The goal of “Operation” is for teens to understand the point and realities of suffering while seeking peace and joy in the midst of it.