High School Youth Ministry (9 - 12)

Thank you for your interest in Corpus Christi’s High School Youth Program!

By sharing the teachings of the Catholic Church and accompanying the 9th - 12th graders on their faith journey, our youth will have the chance to grow in relationship with one another and with Jesus Christ. High School Youth Group presents the challenges and tools to live out their faith in everyday life.

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Highways and Halos

Our pathway to holiness is called our “vocation.” Vocation comes from the Latin root vocare, which means “to call.” Our vocation is our calling. We may have heard the word vocation used to explain people drawn to the priesthood, religious life, marriage, or single life. While we all have these personal vocations, we also all share a universal vocation, or calling, which is to holiness. Thankfully we can look to the examples of the saints for inspiration in our own personal journey. The goal of Highways and Halos is for teens to understand their current universal vocation and explore the possibilities of their personal vocations through the lives of the saints.

But Wait...There's More

Every year we take a 40-day journey through the season of Lent. With countless reminders of sacrifice, fasting, prayer, and desert imagery, we may have accepted this season as merely about giving up chocolate or momentarily surrendering our favorite indulgences. However, this season is a beautiful opportunity to remember how our sacrifices can lead us to something greater. But Wait…There’s More! is a four night series that helps the teens enter into Lent through various lenses, giving them new perspectives that will lead them to a deeper understanding of Lent and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ during this liturgical season.

I Saw the Signs: An Issue Night on Astrology

The goal of this session is for teens to understand that the practice of astrology is rooted in the occult and poses a danger to their spiritual lives; they are meant to place their trust and hope for their futures in God alone.

True Presence: Faith and Science - Guest Speaker Dr. Elizabeth Munshi will be presenting on the topic of Eucharistic Miracles!

Divine Mercy Sunday - Guest Speaker Sam Chamoun will be teaching us about Saint Faustina, the Divine Mercy image and it's relevance in our lives.