Junior High Youth Ministry (6 - 8)

Thank you for your interest in Corpus Christi’s Junior High Youth Program!

By sharing the teachings of the Catholic Church and accompanying the 6th, 7th and 8th graders on their faith journey, our youth will have the chance to grow in relationship with one another and with Jesus Christ. JH Youth Group presents the challenges and tools to live out their faith in everyday life.

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Fall 2022 Junior High Day Retreat

"True Presence" Encountering the Eucharist

A 6th-8th grade retreat hosted by NET Missionaries!
Sunday, October 9 from 11am-6pm
at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, 1800 E Libra Dr, Tempe, AZ 85283
$25 per teen

What is NET? NET Ministries is a missionary organization that focuses on inviting Catholic youth into a deeper relationship with their community and Jesus.

During NET Retreats, youth play games, hear a Gospel message, and participate in a time of prayer. The theme for this retreat is “True Presence,” which focuses on encountering the Eucharist, the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

Is Jesus Christ truly present in the Eucharist, and if so, how does that change our lives? The life of Blessed Carlo Acutis, a teenager who is on his way to becoming a canonized saint, answers those questions by showing us that we don’t need to be very old to recognize the beauty and utmost importance of the Eucharist.

“Jesus is my great friend and the Eucharist is my highway to heaven.”

Blessed Carlo Acutis


Fall 2022 Semester Themes:

Look Closer: Answering Questions about Sacraments

Sacraments are visible signs given to us by Jesus to share grace. The objects of the sacraments are common – water, oil, bread, wine, etc. – but what they communicate is anything but ordinary. Knowing the signs of each sacrament is necessary for full participation in the Catholic faith. Still, if our knowledge of sacraments ends with the visible, we miss an entire layer of invisible reality. This is why we need to look closer.

Throughout this series, middle school youth will have the opportunity to examine grace, beginning with a simple definition that develops throughout the six sessions. Understanding the invisible reality of grace is essential in appreciating the beauty of the sacraments, beyond ritual, as a necessary gift in daily life. “Look Closer” also invites a view of sacraments as personal and intimate. Proximity matters; we cannot receive sacraments at a distance or through a screen. Jesus designed the grace of the sacraments to be shared person-to-person in an up-close exchange through the Body of Christ.

Street Lights:

Social media has created the most significant generation gap of our time. Middle school youth want parents and other adults to understand its importance in their social lives. Parents read scary accounts of social media’s effects on youth and want to understand how to guide their children. Have you considered what social media and riding bikes have in common? Bikes provide freedom and access to middle schoolers.

A generation ago, there were no cell phones to stay connected with the parents, so the cue to come home each evening was the street lights coming on. This arrangement granted a lot of trust and freedom within safe boundaries. In this Street Lights series, we will view any communication through a smartphone or tablet as the bicycles in a digital neighborhood and create an internet version of street lights. The middle school years are an ideal time for parents and their middle school children to come together and learn what makes social media great and what warrants caution. The goal is to start (or continue) an intergenerational conversation about social media.