St. Vincent de Paul Water Drive

St. Vincent de Paul

Please consider helping. Any donation is appreciated.

Summer is here and the Arizona heat is quickly rising. Our triple digit summer temperatures are extremely challenging for many. Our parishes’ St. Vincent de Paul ministry (SVdP) is collecting bottled water and monetary donations for water to help those need. On the days with heat advisory warnings, the downtown SVdP campus and their Valley dining room facilities extend their hours to give homeless guests respite from the heat. However, many guests need to take bottled waters with them. SVdP water trucks are also dispatched to deliver water bottles throughout the valley to the homeless. Something as simple as water can help so many people survive our Arizona summers.

Beginning July 7, cases of bottled waters can be left in the vestibule of the church. Also for your convenience, there will be a donation box available, if you prefer making a monetary donation to be used toward additional water cases. Your generosity is a blessed gift, and we thank you for all your support!