The Next Generation of Saints Needs You!

Like so many of you, Saint John Paul II and Saint Teresa of Calcutta inspired me to live my life for Jesus Christ. One of my life highlights was serving vespers for Pope John Paul II in St. Louis, MO. I received a rosary from him and got to hold his famous crozier. I was lucky. I grew up with two living SAINTS as examples I could model my life after.

I know how important saints are to everyday Catholics trying to grow closer to God. I also know, saints are formed and inspired by strong parents and a community of believers. I need your help to make and create our next generation of SAINTS. I need you to volunteer to help teach religious education for the 2021-2022 school year.

I can hear what many of you are thinking: I can’t help; besides, I don’t know how to teach religious education. My response to this is, “SO!” You can learn. Think how much of an impact you can make on a young person for just an hour and a half of your time a week. Besides, the already trained catechists and I will help you. You will have all the help you need.

When you are ready, please contact Dr. Lenny at I look forward to working with you as we shape the next generation of SAINTS! God Bless.