Altar Servers

Youth of the parish (4th grade and older) are invited to become Altar Servers. Altar Servers assist the priest during the Mass and lead the congregation in prayers and responses. It is one of the most helpful and meaningful services that people can perform in the parish and is an opportunity to learn more about the church and our worship of God. If you have received First Communion and Confirmation and are in the 4th grade or older, you are eligible to participate.


  • Carry the cross/candles/incense during the procession into Mass
  • Lead the congregation through active participation in the Mass (hymns, prayers, responses)
  • Assist the priest by holding the books from which prayers are read
  • Assist the priest in receiving the gifts during the offertory
  • Assist in preparing the altar for Liturgy
  • Assist the priest in the ritual washing of his hands
  • Assist in clearing the altar after the Liturgy
  • Carry the cross/candles/incense during the recession out of Mass

Who can be an Altar Server?

To Be an Altar Server, you must:

  • Be practicing Catholics in at least 4th grade
  • Have received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist
  • Demonstrate reverence in serving at the holy Mass and responsibility in serving when assigned
  • Know and participate in prayers and responses during Mass
  • Complete Required Training Program

Prayer for Altar Servers (Before Mass)

Oh Jesus, my King and Lord,
by the grace of the heavenly Father
and the power of the Holy Spirit,
guide me in all righteousness
as I serve You today at the Altar
so I may be always worthy of Your presence.
If I happen to make an error,
may it be a lesson 
so my service will be perfect tomorrow.
Jesus, I love you with all my heart.


Prayer for Altar Servers (After Mass)

Lord Jesus,
Thank you for the opportunity to serve You during the Holy Mass.
In Your Sacred Presence, my heart is filled with joy and peace.
May Your Spirit always guide me
So I may grow in Your love by the grace
of the Heavenly Father.