The ambassadors make themselves available in the courtyard and vestibule (entrance) of the Church before and after Mass. They are the welcoming committee. They are sources of information for visitors and newcomers to the parish. They make connections with new parishioners, have conversations, and even call to follow up with those they meet to express Christ’s invitation for all to come and worship here.

Are you new to Corpus Christi?

We are so glad you are here! We encourage you to introduce yourself to an Ambassador before Mass - they are available to answer questions you might have about events, activities, and fellowship opportunities here at the Parish.

Who can be an Ambassador?

To be an Ambassador, you must:

  • Be a practicing Catholic, distinguished in your Christian life, faith and morals
  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Have received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist
  • Demonstrate a deep reverence for and devotion to the holy Mass
  • Be outgoing, friendly, and welcoming to all who worship with us
  • Be knowledgeable of the social, ministerial, and catechetical opportunities in our parish and share that knowledge with parishioners
  • Complete Safe Environment training annually

Hospitality Ministry Prayer

Lord Jesus, you welcomed all who came into your presence. May I reflect that same spirit through this ministry of hospitality. May your light shine in my heart this day. Remove from me anything that would stand in the way of radiating your presence.

As people enter this Church to worship and praise You, may they hear your voice in my words and see your love in my actions. May my “welcome” reflect our joy at their presence amid my “good-by” encourage them to return soon.

I thank you for the opportunity to serve you and ask your blessing upon all my efforts. I ask this through our God who is the giver of all gifts.