In the Diocese of Phoenix, the celebration of Confirmation takes place in third grade with the sacrament of First Communion. Children are prepared in class and receive the sacraments in late April or early May. Due to the current pandemic, our sacrament preparation program may need to be revised.

For children in the fourth or fifth grade who have received First Reconciliation and First Communion, but need to prepare for Confirmation, please check with the Catholic Education Office.

If you are an adult, 18 years or older, seeking Confirmation, please visit the RCIA page.

Things You Will Need For Confirmation

Baptismal Certificate: A copy of the child's Baptismal Certificate is required at Registration. The Baptismal Church is the church of record for your child. We are required to notify the Baptismal Church after your child receives Confirmation. If your child was baptized at Corpus Christi, please let us know and we can look up the record.

Sacrament Book: This year, preparation for First Communion is part of the third grade curriculum. There will be an additional textbook and classes for the Confirmation part of sacrament preparation. Information on Confirmation class is TBD.

Third Grade Retreat: TBD

Parent Meeting: TBD

Service Hours: TBD. Due to the pandemic and limited opportunities for student and family to volunteer, we may have to revise the service hours requirement.

Banner: The Banner will mark the pew in which your family will be seated. The Banner Size is 14” x 16”, with an 18” string to go over the pew. The Banner should symbolize some aspect of Eucharist/Confirmation. First and Last Name must be on Banner. The Banner should be brought to the CE office prior to Communion Rehearsal night or, at the very latest, the evening of Rehearsal (See Dress Attire/Sacrament Mass Information form).