Weekly Reflection

The Sign of the Cross

04-14-2024  |  Jen Arnold, M.A.

Today, I'm going to talk about something that most, if not all, Catholics tend to take for granted — the sign of the cross. It is a ritual we perform for various purposes, but primarily in prayer. While it is natural to us and may not often be consciously thought about, the sign of the cross has been the source of some controversy in Church history and even up to today. So, let's explore the sign of the cross, its history, significance, and how it has been historically defended.



Knights of Columbus Annual Charity Raffle

Corpus Christi Council 10062 Knights are in the Church courtyard selling raffle tickets for the Annual Statewide Charity Raffle after Mass every weekend through May 12.


Hat Dressing Party

at Clearwater Living Tuke Cafe, 15815 S 50th St., Phoenix, AZ 85044


Beloved: Corpus Christi Women's Retreat

Come join us for our first women's retreat as we discover that we are beloved by God.


Confirmation and First Communion Mass

Bishop Dolan encourages stations during Lenten journey

Be sure to take a look at this video of Bishop John Dolan leading the Stations of the Cross during the first Friday of Lent at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Phoenix on Feb. 16th. The Ahwatukee based parish hosted a Fish Fry following the Stations of the Cross. Hosted by the Knights of Columbus, the dinner was sold-out.