Corpus Christi Blog

Renovation Update #2


On Monday, July 8 the Parish Center Design Committee met to start finalizing the initial design ideas. Some research is being done to determine whether the renovations will trigger the need to add a sprinkler system to the new commercial kitchen, or to the entire building. There would be a significant expense to adding a sprinkler system, so this is an important factor in the project. There is a possibility that the vestibule (entrance) of the Parish Center will not be expanded as originally thought. If that is the case, the existing doors and walls would still, however, be changed significantly to allow more natural light and to be a more welcoming space.

The design committee spent much time focusing on the overall storage of the Parish Center, trying to factor in storage for tables & chairs, hospitality/kitchen items, and for various ministries that commonly use the space.

On Tuesday, August 6 the design committee met with a flooring specialist to review flooring options. There are many factors to be considered including but not limited to aesthetics, maintenance, and acoustics. The committee is leaning towards using Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) because of these three primary factors.

On Tuesday, August 20 the design committee met with a commercial kitchen expert to get advice on the layout of the new kitchen space. They visited a commercial kitchen showroom to see equipment in person. The committee is taking input from the Knights of Columbus and other ministries to help make sure the kitchen meets as many needs and desires as possible.

After meeting about commercial kitchens, the design committee will be meeting with our architect to review everything to date. At that point, efforts will be made to come up with a final design and then work on obtaining bids from contractors.

There are no dates set in stone, but the current hope is that actual construction will begin and end in 2020. Because the Parish Center is so heavily used (and most importantly for Christmas and Easter overflow masses), please pray for the parish staff and ministries to be able to accommodate all that is needed during the construction phase.

Please also remember that we do not have our full funding yet. The money the parish receives from the Together Campaign donations come every 6 months through February 2022. We currently have a balance of $262,024 while the project’s initial estimate was around $425,000.