Mats for the Homeless

Due to COVID-19, bag collections at church have been suspended. Plarn will be accepted at my house. Please see the video for plarning instructions. The ministry continues to provide mats for the homeless.

Did you know?

  • Plastic grocery bags can be crocheted into mats for the homeless?
  • It takes about 700 bags to make 1 mat?
  • Volunteers at Corpus Christi have made more than 750 mats!!!
  • YOU can help the homeless, right here in Phoenix, by turning your plastic shopping bags into “plastic yarn” -- PLARN?!

We need volunteers to turn bags into plastic yarn.
Clean bag donations are accepted in the large bin in the vestibule of the church.
Rolls of PLARN donations are even better!!

Watch Marsha’s tutorial for cutting the bags, “stringing” the bags and making a ball of PLARN!