Parish Center Renovation

What? Our Parish Center is more than 30 years old and is ready for a makeover!

How? Together Let Us Go Forth ~ Juntos Sigamos Adelante Campaign
This Diocesan Campaign has a total goal of $100 million! A portion (35%) of our parish’s goal of $1.7 million comes back to us for use in capital improvements. That's nearly $600,000!

When? Beginning March 2022

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Thank You

A word of thanks for participating in the Together Let Us Go Forth Campaign

Renovation Update #8

03-01-2022  |  

It’s really happening! The renovation to our Parish Center is underway! Our asbestos survey report came back negative and our demolition permit has been approved! By the time you are reading this, demolition will have already begun! The architect is still putting some final details on the kitchen, bathroom, and overall drawings, but we hope to share those with you very soon! Thank you for your patience during the time of construction. We expect the project to last from now through the summer. Finally, I would like to thank all the staff members who have worked tirelessly over the past couple weeks to prepare the Parish Center by organizing and moving tables, chairs, and other supplies, especially Ken Doering, Rick Jablonski, and Barb Manning! Thank you!!!

Renovation Update #7

02-14-2022  |  

Believe it or not! We are finally beginning our Parish Center renovation project! No, really! The contractor has asked us to be ready for demolition in early March, so during the last week of February we will be clearing out the Parish Center of all the tables, chairs, kitchen equipment, ministry supplies, and other items. If you are involved in any ministries that use the space, rest assured we will do our best to accommodate you during the time when the Parish Center is unavailable. Thank you for your patience and, as always, please pray for this project and for all those involved in ensuring its success. We will share much more information with you in the coming weeks. Thank you!

Renovation Update #6

01-21-2022  |  

We had hoped to begin construction this month, but we are not quite ready to start yet. We continue to make progress, albeit slower than we all would prefer! The health department rejected our initial kitchen plans and provided comments that need to be addressed. Our architect has brought on a food service consultant to assist with necessary changes. We expect to have the new design changes submitted back to the city by mid-February. Our architect is confident that our kitchen permit will be approved with this second submission. Unfortunately, things are taking longer than usual with the city right now. Thank you for your patience and, as always, please pray for this project and for all those involved in ensuring its success. Thank you!

Remodel Floor Plan